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If you have visited any of these West African Countries in the past 21 days: Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea
OR if you have come into contact with a person or bodily fluids infected with Ebola AND you are suffering from fever or feel unwell

STOP! GO HOME and call the surgery (0131 441 4555) or NHS 24(111) immediately.

The Practice is promoting the Scottish Bowel Screening Programme. Patients between the ages of 50 to 74 will be invited for screening every two years.

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Please note that we are unable to take requests over the telephone. This avoids mistakes being made and keeps our telephone lines and receptionists' time free to deal with more urgent patient enquiries.


These can be submitted by any of the following methods:

  1. Online CLICK HERE
  2. By post:
    You may choose to enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope in which the completed prescription will be returned to you).
  3. In person:
    Hand in at the desk or in the Prescriptions Request Box within the pram bay during surgery open hours.
  4. By Fax:
    To us on 0131 441 3963.
  5. To your pharmacist:
    Colinton Pharmacy; Craiglockhart Pharmacy; Lindsey & Gilmour (Juniper Green); Lloyds (Westerhailes, Sighthill & Currie); Polwarth Pharmacy; Colinton Mains Pharmacy (Tods) all accept repeat prescriptions and forward them to us. You can also state on your order form if you want to collect your prescription from one of the above pharmacies who have arrangements for the daily collection of scripts from the surgery.

For options 2 to 5, the best documentation to use is the pre printed ‘order slip’ attached to your last prescription, ensuring that you tick the appropriate box for the item you wish to re-order. Prescription order forms are also available from reception.

Collection of Completed Prescriptions

Please allow 48 hours for your prescription to be ready for collection. Prescriptions are likely to be ready after 1400. They can be delivered to selected pharmacists if requested (see point 5 above).

Personal Arrangements with Pharmacists for Housebound Patients

Some local pharmacists operate a system where they collect repeat prescriptions from the Surgery on your behalf, and arrange delivery to your home. If you have made such an arrangement with your pharmacist, please let us know when you order your medication. You must arrange this service direct with your pharmacist and not with the Surgery.

Return of Unused Medications

Please note that we do not accept unused medications, these should be returned to your local pharmacy.

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